It was an honour to be featured on the latest Bookmark programme for Cambridge 105 radio.

Presenter Leigh Chambers is a huge supporter and promoter of authors, something which is never taken for granted. She also interviewed me when I spoke at the Cambridge Literary Festival about my book, The Shop Girls.

This time I was invited to her studio to talk about The Royal Station Master’s Daughters at War. I was asked for three favourite song to include. I dedicated the first piece of music to Brian Heath by way of thanks for telling me about his extraordinary great grandfather, the royal station master Harry Saward which led to me writing the trilogy; his choice was Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen.

My second choice was dedicated to my darling mum, Loula, who sadly died last year. She was an Elvis fan and in her later years when she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, she enjoyed singing along to his music. I would book an Elvis singer to go into her nursing home to celebrate her birthdays, and one of her favourite songs was Suspicious Minds.

My final choice was Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay. My two sons, David and James, keep me young at heart and we have danced many a time to this. Happy memories! And many more to come, I hope.

The interview also features the brilliant Katie Fford and Joanne Burn. You can hear the interview by clicking this link.