The Royal Station Master’s Daughters at War

It is 1917 and Maria has adapted well to her new life on the royal Sandringham estate where she works as a maid in the Big House for Queen Alexandra and is in awe of the many treasures around her. It is two years since she turned up at the royal station master’s house to escape her secret past, destitute and with nowhere else to turn. Having proven herself to Harry Saward and his daughters, she is now welcomed by them as one of the family. But when Nellie, a mysterious relative arrives in Wolferton, on the run from the law, Maria’s new-found happiness could be under threat.

Meanwhile, the impact of World War I is felt deeply in the community as the fate of missing men from the Sandringham Company, who fought in Gallipoli, is still unknown. Harry’s daughters pull together to support each other with women on the royal estate as they face their sorrows and challenges. Ada’s husband, Alfie, is away fighting on the front line while Beatrice is now a VAD nurse at a cottage hospital. Jessie has become a land army girl, proudly doing a man’s job, while pining for her sweetheart Jack, a royal messenger.

In a community torn apart by loss and tragedy, how will the station master’s family survive and find the happiness they’re all searching for?

“A heartwarming historical saga”

– Rosie Goodwin