Although an invitation to attend the Coronation of King Charles 111 did not land on my doorstep, I do have my bunting and celebratory flags and will be glued to the television watching this momentous occasion.

My exact plans for the day are fairly loose as my son, David, and darling daughter-in-law, Fiona, are expecting their first baby, my first grandchild,  on 5 May – the day before the big event.  They live in London and are concerned about driving to their hospital in the city centre in case roads on their route are closed for the royal procession. I’m hoping to be there with them, whatever happens.

Not surprisingly, tickets have sold out for a live screening of the Coronation on the Sandringham estate. I can imagine the excitement and cheering there will be.

I believe Charles is a kind and thoughtful man and his queen provides the steadying and wise support he needs in this unique and challenging role as public perception towards the monarchy is constantly being scrutinised. They will both be splendid royal figureheads for our country, having been trained by the best mentor, Queen Elizabeth, and I wish our new king and his beloved queen every happiness and success.

I do have one special event to look forward to and will be putting on a posh frock for a Coronation dinner just prior to the big day. The dress code is red, blue and white and I shall no doubt be raising a glass or two to toast our new king and queen.

A Coronation and a new baby within the space of a day or so. I feel my excitement levels will soar to new astronomical heights!