I am told work is already in hand to create a memorial to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II in St Mary Magdalene Church at Sandringham, where the royal family are photographed every year on Christmas Day.

Step inside this gem of a church and your jaw will drop at the opulent silver alter, a gift to Queen Alexandra in 1911 by Rodmman Wanamaker, an American businessman, on the first anniversary of King Edward VII’s death; he had been a great admirer of the king’s work in support of peaceful causes; it is known as The Altar of Peace.

Virtually every space on the walls are covered with memorials and plaques dedicated to our monarchs spanning the last 150 years, there doesn’t seem to be space for anything sizeable.

During my visit there today I asked the guide if there were plans to install a memorial in the church for our late queen. He confirmed there were, that plans were already in hand, and said King Charles and a sculptor had visited the church together to discuss it.

As the walls are already well covered, where could it possibly go? Is something different being planned to commemorate our late queen who ruled for 70 years, the longest of any British monarch? And will there be a memorial for Prince Philip too? Will there also be other memorials for Queen Elizabeth II in the Big House or on the Sandringham estate to mark her exceptional reign?

It’s still early days. Watch this space!