I’m hugely proud to announce that The Royal Station Master’s Daughters at War is out today, the second book in my trilogy about life during WW1 at Wolferton station on the royal Sandringham estate.

It’s extra special that it is launched today, World Book Day, and I hope that is an auspicious sign.

None of this could have happened without my great team at Zaffra publishing and my agent, Northbank. I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

But it’s readers who decide on a book’s success, and every review, good or bad, is of value. Having a five star review from Booklover Bev on launch day is the icing on the cake. She says,

Book two loss and tragedy in this heart warming series WW1.
1917 The royal Sandringham estate royal station master Harry Saward all his daughters all working and missing sweethearts.
A unputdownable compelling read.
A private detective chasing a young woman auburn hair smartly dressed in a red jacket wanted for bigamy and theft and a possible murder saying she has connections to the Saward family, fugitives can’t be left to roam the estate who is this frightened woman the papers are naming her Nellie Jeacock and she is hunted by the police none of the family have heard of her so what is the story of Nellie turning up in Wolferton. I must read on.
A fantastic start to book two you wont be able to put down that I read over a few days as could not wait to start a new chapter, I love this family as they all pull together during the highs and lows.
Love all the characters with their own story to tell. 5 stars.

I hope you enjoy it too, please do let me know. The Amazon link is here.