We’re currently staying in Airbnb in a hamlet called Barway while our house in Ely is renovated, and we’ll be here for a couple more months yet.

While here I’m pressing on with writing book 2 in my trilogy. I’ve written more than 35,000 words already and am making a few tweaks following feedback from my editor, Claire.

I would like to introduce you to two of my fellow housemates and writing companions, Elsie and Ernie, who I am smitten with. They curl up adoringly around my feet as I write, placing their paws on my toes to keep them nice and warm. Aren’t I lucky!

I’m looking forward to having lots of walks and cuddles with them. My location here is so remote that it offers no distractions, enabling me to write several pages each day.  I am so enjoying it and can’t wait to share book 2 with you.