This evening I shall be glued to TV watching a tribute to Prince Philip called Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers. Prince Philip had a great fondness for Sandringham and spent his last few years in retirement on his royal Norfolk estate, where Prince William and Kate live too.

During the programme Prince William reveals why he and Kate feel very much at home in Norfolk, living at Amner Hall on the royal estate, and put it down to the Duke of Edinburgh.

Hello magazine quotes Prince William praising his grandfather for shaping Sandringham and making it what it is today. “Sandringham has always been a really, really important part of his life. He was tasked with being the warden, managing the estate from 1952. I think for him, being up here, was an escape. He likes the fact that he’s been able to have an impact here. He’s planted over 40 kilometres of hedge land, 45 woods, over two million trees. These things really matter to the makeup of the surrounding area.”

The legacy of Prince Philip’s love of Sandringham lives on for posterity and brings countless joy to visitors. Its stewardship is now being continued with as much devotion by Prince Charles, and maybe one day this responsibility will fall to Prince William.

The programme is being shown this evening on BBC 1 at 9pm.