I really enjoyed my fascinating Land Rover Safari tour around the royal Sandringham estate. Thank you Geoff for being a fantastic guide, steering us through tracks that are off the beaten track to the public, for your wonderful royal anecdotes and your endless patience as I leapt out of the car at regular intervals to take photos.

I was particularly intrigued to learn the story behind this unusual corrugated iron church with its thatched roof in the hamlet of Babingley, believed to be the only one of its kind in the country. It is the British Orthodox Church of St Mary & St Felix and was built in 1880. The previous St Felix Church had fallen into disrepair and this was a quick and economic way of providing a new church that would enable a congregation in small communities to worship.

Technically, it is described as a thatched, cruciform tin tabernacle and was originally an Anglican Church. It was made redundant by the Church of England and is now used by the British Orthodox Church.

My mother is Greek Orthodox and I have attended Orthodox services in the past. I would certainly love to experience this here, in its unique royal setting.