While Boris Johnson purports that state schools should provide two hours sports a day as the UK glows in a golden halo of Olympic triumphs, I would like to question why our school sports fields remain unused during summer breaks.

This has long been a bug bear of mine during long holiday breaks throughout the year, with most school doors and gates firmly locked during this time, and I regard this as a waste of valuable resources. At least, that has been my experience in East Cambridgeshire.

Some schools are fortunate enough to have swimming pools, playing fields, gymnasiums and football pitches to train our future athletic stars, yet they frequently remain out of bounds for our eager young sports fans for a large chunk of the year.

When I have raised this question in the past, I am told it comes down to insurance and red tape.

If we can resolve this bureaucracy, we may well be on track for many more stunning sporting accolades.