Aubrey Immelman, who is standing as an Independent candidate for Congress, has urged the family of missing toddler Kevin Ayotte to contact him as he may have vital information about his disappearance.

The university lecturer, who is standing in Minnesota, left the following message on my blog for Kevin’s sister-in-law Beth Ayotte:

“Please contact me. I have a potential lead, but I need more specific information about the exact location in Sugerbush Township of the house from which Kevin disappeared.”

Kevin was last seen by his  mother playing with his brother upstairs in their summer home in Sugarbush, Minnesota. That was 28 years ago. He was just over two years old.

Their mother went outside briefly and when she returned, Kevin was gone.

I was curious, so asked Aubrey via Facebook what information he had. He told me:

“I posted what little information I have on my blog at the enclosed link. My interest in the Ayotte case dates back to 2003, after I established that a person I suspect of involvement in the disappearance of a student at the college where I teach had a cabin within two miles of the boundary of Sugarbush Township and that there were also unsolved missing children cases near two other locations associated with this particular individual.”

I hope Beth has been in touch. When I wrote my post about Kevin three years ago, she left a comment too describing their family’s torment:

“I can tell you that his family, especially his mother is tormented everyday by his disappearance all those years ago. I wish she could have some closure. I have a three year old son named for his uncle. It is still a complete mystery.”

This case reminds me so much of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. My heart really goes out to these families who never discover what happened to their toddlers snatched in such a cruel way. I hope Aubrey can help the Ayotte family.

I remember meeting Austin Mitchell MP and telling him about my posts on missing people. He couldn’t understand why I did it if I didn’t gain anything from it personally; I assume he meant financial remuneration.

This is the reason why Austin, in the hope that it might make a difference to someone’s life, just like Gary Spencer. My posts on missing people are read every day by people all over the world, and I hope they help in some way.