One of my blog posts which still attracts huge interest was about the Court of Protection. Many people have posted comments describing their terrible experiences, but I wondered if it was all bad, if there were some helpful deputies appointed by the court to help families. If so, could they please let me know.

This is the most recent comment posted last week from a woman who seems traumatised by her experience which seems too awful for words. The system should not work this way:

“I am also the wife of a head injured man and also went through the slow process of receiving damages claim We had to go through the process of visits to ~Doctors, health visitors physchologists which were arranged by our own Solicitors and the Solicitors of the Third Party.every single aspect was discussed over our own very private life and my husbands injuries this took 7 years He was awarded a fairly small amount of money (in my opinion), but unknown to us a certain Doctor decided that my husband liked mental capacity so the money received was put in the hands of the Court of Protection and I was told that I would be a “Receiver” I had no idea what this involved and had never even heard of the Court of Protection. I had three children to bring up and a disabled husband to look after with the long drawn out process of physio, speech therapy, occupational therapy, Doctors and Headway Appointments. It was a very busy and traumatic time for all the family.

“When I had to start dealing with the Court of Protection I was very naive and did exactly as I was told but after 16 years of being under their control I can truly say it has been the worst experience of my life. They lost us the sale of a larger property which would have been better for all the family this they did because of their very slow approach to any letter sent by either myself or my Solicitor ( She actually said she had never known such a disorganised organisation in all her life.

“I write objecting to their extortionate fees it can take up to 2 months for any reply thats if you are lucky enough to receive a reply. Why should I pay a Fee of nearly £200 for HELP AND SUPPORT OF DEPUTIES when no such support is ever given. I have gone through the procedure of annual Chancellors visits one even wrote a report which was totally slanderous about myself but when I made an official complaint it was just a quick (automated) reply.

“We applied for some Court funds to buy a small property in France waited yet again approx 2 months for a reply which stated JUDGE does not think it is in Patients best interest to buy a property in France. The judge never even spoke to my husband or any member of the family to discuss the situation WHAT WAS IN OUR BEST INTERESTS I sometimes wish that there was no money left so that I would never have to deal with Court of Protection again and get back to living a quieter and happier life. In fact when I dream of winning the lottery the first thing I would do is get them to put the remaining funds into a charity and tell them to get lost (in no uncertain terms) They do not help people they just make life more difficult for everybody in the family. My husbands accident happened over 20 years ago but the experience what we have all been through is very stressful and traumatic with regard to his injuries and dealing with the Court of Protection. Their handbooks on rules are ridiculous you basically cannot do a thing (like a normal family) but have to do it as their rules and regulations or otherwise you are threatened (you will have to go before a JUDGE Even writing this note has made me very anxious which happens every time I have to write or talk about the OPG.COP At the present time my 94 year old mother has had to be put in a care home and my sister has been told she has Power of Attorney but because she knows all the trauma and upset I have been through having to deal with COP she has totally refused to act as Power of Attorney but has opted to be a Third Party. I AGREE WITH ANN (who posted a previous comment)  IT IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE.”