South Africa honeymoon murder: Anni Dewani 'sexually assaulted' before murder, police believe
I find it impossible to believe that beautiful Anni Dewani was cold bloodily murdered by her newly wed husband on their honeymoon in Cape Town. They looked the perfect couple, so happy and in love.

Anni was brutally short dead after she was shot dead when the car she was travelling in with her husband was carjacked by two men. Courts rely heavily on forensic evidence, and yet the body of Anni was released by police at the beginning of a murder investigation and allowed to be cremated amid varying reports of whether she was sexually assaulted. This would not have happened in the UK. During the drip feed of damning information against the grieving husband Shrien by South African police, we have heard nothing about vital forensic evidence which could convict him.

A statement made by their taxi-driver claiming the husband took out a contract on his wife is hardly reliable as he used this for his plea bargain for a reduced sentence after confessing to being an accomplice in her death. And I read today that the other two men charged with her murder were reportedly tortured or assaulted by police.

It is always the forensic evidence which strengthens a police prosecution, and it seems to be lacking. From what we have been told, I would fear for Shrien having a fair trial if he went to South Africa to answer police questions. I believe it is the police instead who should be answering them.

UPDATE 29 September, 2011: Shrien is to be extradited to South Africa.