I had a phone call from Waitrose yesterday asking me who they should make the cheque payable to. I had no idea what the caller was talking about, until she informed me that we were one of their Ely
store’s nominated Community Matters charities of the month.

It was about six months ago that I had filled in the application form on behalf of Headway Cambridgeshire – we have strong support in the Ely area – and I had forgotten all about it. Naturally, it was music to my years – and a wonderful early Christmas present for the charity which provides rehabilitation to brain injured adults.

I told the caller that perhaps we wouldn’t be the winning charity as I had no idea at the time that customers had overwhelmingly been supporting us with their green coins, but she assured me that all nominated charities would benefit.

I decided to visit the store and see how we were doing – and was stunned to see we had the tallest tower, far outstripping the other two worthwhile causes – and that it is set to grow even taller and will remain one of their featured community charities well into next month. I stood there and watched as shopper after shopper filed by and dropped their green coin into the Headway slot. I am hoping that white piece of paper lying among the coins is a scrunched up cheque for the charity, but I doubt it!

It couldn’t be a better month to be promoted by Waitrose as it is their busiest trading month of the year. Besides the money, it’s a brilliant way for charities to promote themselves in the public eye – and at no cost. It’s a win win!

Thank you sincerely to all our supporters in Ely. And thank you Waitrose. 🙂