The mother of a beautiful young woman who tried to commit suicide has been nominated for a national Headway award for her dedicated campaign to warn others against the dangers of sickening internet sites that provide encouragement abouRosie Wilson at home Cambridge with her daughter, Ziggy, who was  left brain-damaged after she tried to hang herself following advice she  found on the internet in 2007.t how vulnerable people can kill themselves.

I will be joining Rosie Wilson, mother of Ziggy, who is one of our lovely service users at Headway Cambridgeshire, for the award ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel in London on 9 December, in my capacity as chair of trustees. I’ve met Ziggy there a few times and she is stunning, always beautifully dressed and made up, and it breaks my heart to think of the   desperation she felt three years aged 23 which led to her trying to commit suicide by hanging, having suffered depression since her late teens.

She was found by her boyfriend in time to save her life – but was left brain injured, and now needs a full-time carer. Prior to her suicide attempt, Ziggy had visited a number of internet sites that provide detailed instructions to young people about how to kill themselves. Her parents only made this terrible discovery after they read their daughter’s diary while she was in hospital.

For the past year, Rosie has been campaigning to ban suicide websites and sharing Ziggy’s tragic story in national newspapers and the media. Here is a link to a moving report in the Daily Telegraph. She has been meeting with politicians too in the hope of winning support from the government. Rosie has also persuaded Cambridgeshire County Council to build specialised supported housing for adults like Rosie with a brain injury where three or four people will be able to live together and share one carer, making it cost-effective.

I thought of Rosie and Ziggy following the tragic deaths of Stephen Lamb and Joanne Lee who apparently killed themselves after making a suicide pact after meeting via an internet suicide forum. The courage which Rosie has shown in helping others avoid the same tragedy her family has suffered leaves me in no doubt that she deserves to win Headway’s Campaigner of the Year award.

*Pics courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.