I have been asked to highlight the mysterious disappearance of Carole Day, a British ex-pat living in Hong Kong, who travelled to Manila in the Philipines on a business trip on 10th Septehttp://www.elleseymour.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/58955_110501292345220_110493855679297_78458_4838570_n-1.jpgmber and has vanished in thin air. A dedicated facebook site has been set up where her son Jai appeals for information of her whereabouts.

Carole, 56, who is from Stoke and a 5ft 4ins strawberry blonde, went to the Philippines on a business trip and was staying at The Corporate Inn. She was intending to fly to Thailand on the 11th/12th September from Cebu, but did not arrive at her destination and has been completely out of contact since the 12th. She was due to arrive back in Hong Kong on 15th September for a number of important events, including a funeral.

The latest post on facebook is a message from Jai saying he is en route to Manila.

Let’s hope and pray that Carole is found safe and well.

A message on the site says: “At present we believe it is likely she is still in the Philippines (Manila or Cebu). Any details no matter how seemingly trivial will be greatly appreciated. Please contact her son, Jai Day, at any time.”

Jai’s contact details are: +(852) 9633 3071 jaicool@hotmail.com.

Update 24 September: Carole, who is 56,  works in interior design and the furniture business and was travelling to Thailand to close down a showroom. She is a former long distance runner and model and the widow of a judge. It doesn’t appear that she caught her flight. Please read the comments for more details reported in the South China Morning Post.

The person who alerted me to Carole’s disappearance said she is the mother of a friend, and that I had previously written about another friend who had gone missing in Cambodia, Eddie Gibson.

The London Evening Standard reports on Carole’s disappearance.

In memory of those who are still missing.