This year is the first time that my husband and I will not be joined by our two teenage sons on holiday – our eldest will be with his girlfriend’s family in Majorca and our youngest prefers to work hard at his summer job to save for a car having just passed his driving test. However, we will not be alone as pa-in-law will be joining us. It will be his first holiday without Vera, the land army girl he married, but sadly died last year.

I don’t find the thought of luggage restrictions and airport queues relaxing, and my husband has long wanted to visit Portmeirion where The Prisoner was filmed, so we have booked to stay in an unpronounceable area in Wales near Caernarfon Bay.  We used Trip Advisor and would have made some howling errors if we had not heeded the advice of others who posted warnings about their Basil Fawlty experiences and huge disappointments, despite the fabulous photos and description posted by hotels.

Pa-in-law was grumpy about the prospect of having to pay a single room surcharge, but we negotiated a good deal with the hotel – and my husband and I even have a four poster bed to look forward to – and stunning sea views – as that was the last double room available.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a while yet as we will not be packing our bags until the end of August. What are your holiday plans this summer?