Does it only happen to celebrities or those who moan a lot? Canimageimage smiling beguilingly at the airline’s agent do the trick? Perhaps a cheeky wink or fabricating a desperate yarn will work wonders.

I’m talking about free upgrades on aircraft seats. Has it happened to you? How can this be achieved?

I’ve never had the cheek to ask, but then if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Or do you?

Geoff was hoping for one today on his flight to Dubai where he is going warm his bones on a visit to see his son, daughter-in-law and gorgeous granddaughter.

He was hopeful just before he left, saying on twitter: “Checked in on Emirates EK012 and marked down for upgrade at gate as agent said he enjoyed serving me :-)”

This was followed one hour later with a disappointing update: “now on plane – ugrade failed happen :-(”

Ahhhh…. Let’s all feel sorry for Geoff.

And happy for Sally‘s launch into stardom, she is to be interviewed by BBC Radio Norfolk next week about her blog.