image I I guess the Queen and Prince Philip have had their ups and downs like any married couple, and even more as being royal, their marriage is far from ordinary and always in the public gaze.

I remember as a cub reporter having to write up on golden and diamond wedding anniversaries. When asked the secret of their success, they invariably replied the same – to give and take.

It reminded me of my husband’s best man’s speech at our wedding when he commented on this formula by saying: “My advice to Stephen is, give up thinking you are the boss, agree with Ellee and take the easy way out. To Ellee I say, take no nonsense from Stephen, and make sure you give him hell!”

Now just imagine if I had taken his advice literally ….

I wish our monarch a very happy anniversary, getting married is easy, it’s staying married that’s the hard part, that’s what my mum always says.

If you have any marriage tips, then do feel to share them here. Mine would be to keep talking and spend time together, enjoying each other’s company. Families get wound up wanting to spend quality time with their children, when really it’s the parents who need that time alone.