Greece’s Conservatives have retained their lead in the latest general elections. But how many people are aware that it is one of 32 countries in the world where voting is compulsory?

Even in the fire-ravaged villages of southern Greece, where many homes remain without water or electricity, prefabricated containers were used as temporary voting centres. Despite the loss of homes, voters were still expected to perform their democratic duty.

Here in the UK, voters struggle to turn out at general elections . In African states, I have read of villagers walking for two days to vote. But how can we persuade our citizens to go to their ballot box? I think they want to have more belief in the leaders who want to represent them, they need to feel engaged, that a new party will really make a difference to their lives – for the better. We should allow citizens to choose whether or not to vote, and leaders are having to work much harder to convince an increasingly cynical electorate.

There does not seem to be strict enforcement of the compulsory voting legislation, though goods and services provided by public offices may be denied to those failing to vote in Greece.

Countries that enforce compulsory voting are:

*In South Australia it is not compulsory to enroll. Nevertheless as the form to enroll is a combined Federal and State one, with no provision to not enroll for the State, it is practically compulsory.

Countries that do not enforce compulsory voting: