I’ve been struggling all day to familiarise myself with Windowsimage Vista now that all my programmes have been transferred over to my new computer.

However, I have still had to install much of the software again, and as all my blogging software was installed by Geoff, and he is away on an epic trek on foot across the Pyrenees, I had no choice but to try and unravel this challenge.

I had considerably difficulty getting Windows Live Writer,the software I use for writing my blog posts, to configure with WordPress. It didn’t recognise my passwords and personal info. And I was also unable to access the WordPress site to write a post from their software.

Fortunately, two good Samaritans came to my aid earlier this evening. I contacted two great bloggers who kindly helped me out of my tight spot. First of all, Tim Almond enabled me to access the WordPress site. And then The Wardman Wire kindly helped me resolve my Live Writer dilemma.

I just need to figure out how to add categories to Live Writer and then all should be back to normal, in a manner of speaking.

A thousand thanks to both Tim and Wardman Wire, you are two great guys and your help was much appreciated. You have done your good deed for the day and I can sleep easier tonight now.