I shall be sitting with my family in a box at Manchester United tomorrow (hopefully the sun will be shining), thanks to my husband who won the VIP tickets as a prize at a corporate dinner. We have a meal and drinks included, as well as on-site car parking, pretty much five star treatment.

The reds will be playing the blues from Tottenham Hotspur and as I have one son who supports ManU, and my other son and husband supports Spurs, it is bound to be a very fraught match.

I admit I have a weakness for French footballers, my favourite was David Ginola, who was so graceful, yet exhilarating in action, (I even have a signed photo of him). Anyway, I’m sure I shall have a great time, whoever is on the pitch.

So do look out for me with the WAGS,  and if I bump into Sir Alex, I hope he will be more polite than the last time we rubbed shoulders….

And thanks to textiles company Bianca for donating such a generous prize and giving us what I know will be a thrilling day, especially for my boys.

Does anyone want to guess the score?