It’s not just the blue shark that is an endangered species, the crustaceous Cromer crab is in danger of fast disappearing too.

Nobody knows why supplies have halved over the last three years, with traders reporting their worst season for 30 years. Some wonder if the seas have been over fished, whether the blame lies with increase in the voracious velvet crabs which could have been taking all the food stocks.

Ian, like me, is a lover of North Norfolk and feasting on Cromer crabs is a treat I always look forward to. Cromer and crabs go together like Newmarket and its scrummy sausages, like Melton Mowbray and  pork pies, the two are inextricably linked, it’s a crucial part of the town’s identity and impossible to imagine not tucking into this seafood delight during my summer visit there.

I’m wondering if it is linked to the environment, the shallow waters becoming warmer, making it a haven for the fiercer velvet crab which attacks the brown edible Cromer ones when they are at their most vulnerable during the moulting season. It seems there is no shortage of these red edible crabs off the Yorkshire and Devon coasts, but I’m sure they don’t taste the same there ….