Conservative MEPs led by the erudite Struan Stevenson will take on the might of the Spanish fishing fleet this week to ban the cruel practice of removing fins from the Mediterranean blue shark.

The World Conservation Council have announced that blue sharks are now an endangered species facing extinction because of the Chinese’s love of shark fin soup, which dates back 2,000 years.

Unfortunately, Disney does not share the same environmental scruples, thinking only in terms of mega bucks, and have refused to take it off the menu at their Hong Kong theme park.

A new international Shark Alliance group is hoping the Europe Union will end the barbaric practice of shark finning – slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea. Numbers have declined by 80% over the last few decades. Scientists estimate that as many as 60 million sharks are killed each year, most of them destined for China for use in shark fin soup.

Fishing spokesman Straun said:

The regulations need to be tightened. The Spanish need to recognise their responsibilities. They’re filling soup bowls in Chinese restaurants by killing one of the main species of European shark.”

Let’s hope we pass on this strong message to Disney too, they should not be permitted to trade in ways that threaten our endangered species.

I fail to understand why Disney should dish this up at weddings anyway as, despite reports of it being an aphrodisiac, it could instead cause male infertility, hardly the desired aim…