It’s been a sensational week for Iain and Guido whose relentless pursuit of the Smith Institute story played a major role in an inquiry being launched to investigate its charitable status and links with Chancellor Gordon Brown.

It’s been another disastrous week for Tony Blair, who has today said he will not give in to pressure to quit over the cash-for-hours affair.

Whatever The Observer comes up with, if it does, it’s been pipped to the post by today’s Times which has a double page spread devoted to the growing strength of right-wing think-tanks, with mention of 18 Doughty Street and its new weekly political ads.

It’s no surprise that Iain more than ruffles a few feathers, hopefully he has broad shoulders and can shrug off the empty threats and accusations from New Labour trolls which he has written about today. He aims to hit raw nerves, but is cautious enough to know the laws of libel, so I’m sure he has no worries in that department.

Having done a quick trawl around the Labour blogs this morning, I only saw very limp and uninspired posts – compared to Iain and Guido’s which can move mountains.

As Iain says, he knows he is hitting home when he provokes this kind of reaction, it will only serve to inspire him even more.

P.S. David Farrar, sorry to have lost your comment, I was editing my post when you left it, many thanks for helping out with this.

Update: Iain now has over 100 comments on his post about this and Nourishing Obscurity has a great pic of NuLabour trolls in hot pursuit of Iain. Exterminate, exterminate, only who is in the firing line …..

Update 3rd February: Guido’s review of a very memorable week.