I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by since The Royal Station Master’s Daughters came out. I would like to thank my fantastic readers for their wonderful support. It is much valued and appreciated and never taken for granted.

I always love hearing from you and wanted to share some of your generous comments and to say, keep them coming in, I love hearing what you think so I can learn from it.

This comment was forwarded to me by Richard Brown who restored the royal Wolferton Station, it was sent to him by a visitor who called in. He gave her a copy of the book and she afterwards wrote to tell him:

“A few weeks ago my partner and I came to visit The Royal Station and were enthralled with the whole setting.  You and I had a long chat and you kindly gave me a copy of The Royal Station Master’s Daughters to read and asked me to provide you with some feedback.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book and its captivating tale.  Having visited the station and Wolferton I was able to picture very clearly some of the areas portrayed which helped bring it to life.  The author certainly captured the atmosphere and history of the place and time.

“We tell everyone we know about our visit and the wonderful work you do in maintaining the station to such an incredible standard.  Thank you for allowing us to step back in time and be part of something that clearly gives you so much pride and satisfaction.”

Lynsey Bessent excitedly contacted me from Wolferton Station during her holiday in the area. She took a copy of the book with her – and had a photograph taken reading it both outside the station box and on the platform. She posted her photos on the Memory Lane Facebook Book Club page, saying she loved reading the book where the story was based – “it made it more all the more special.”

Another reader from Memory Lane, Carole Barry, made me pleased as punch when she posted a comment and photo of the book there recently, “It was excellent, I look forward to reading the next book. I was so involved in their lives and kept saying to myself (spoiler alert!) Maria ‘don’t take the broach’. I stayed up late reading in bed to find out what was happening. Certainly look out for the next episode.”

The following reviews were posted on Amazon:

I really loved reading this book. Very interesting to learn about the history, and a lovely fictional story with charming characters, set against the true historical facts. Very much looking forward to the next book in this series.”

and …

“I enjoyed The Royal Station Master’s Daughters. I have visited Wolferton station many times and often wondered what stories it had to tell. I loved the period detail, the plot was carefully constructed and the ending was very satisfying. Looking forward to the next book!”

and …

“Really enjoyed this book. Liked the characters and details of the railway station. The historical details and royal family information was very interesting.”

Thank you again. I wish you could see the huge smile on my face, stretching from ear to ear!

P.S. Book 2 in the trilogy, The Royal Station Master’s at War, is due out as an ebook on 1 September and in print on 20 April 2023. I can’t wait to her what you think!