I would like to thank Greer Deal, Director of Global Regulatory Services, for her very kind words following the conclusion of our three month PR package.

I appreciate that it can be daunting for SMEs when they need PR support, but have never tried it before. They naturally want to sure that the outcomes will justify the expense, that there will be a visible ROI, and that they can have a good working relationship with their chosen PR professional.

I am always conscious of this, and was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Greer and Bobby Deal, regulatory consultants within the life science industry, an area which greatly interests me. I am delighted that my work with them was successful in many different ways.  Greer’s testimonial says:

“Ellee is an extremely passionate and driven individual embracing every opportunity to showcase her clients.  Bobby and I were delighted when she agreed to work with us.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and her dedication and commitment to us to achieve our PR objectives has never waivered. 

“With her help, support and guidance we have raised the profile of our company, Global Regulatory Services, to a completely new level and we are now firmly in the spotlight.  So much so that one of the partners of a large, successful biopharmaceutical organisation said to us ‘there’s a lot of noise about you at the moment, you must be doing something right’! 

 “If you want Ellee to be a ‘short-term fix’ she won’t disappoint, but we would strongly recommend investing for the long-term because this is when you’ll really reap the rewards.  Thanks, Ellee, you’re a star!”

Thank you Greer!

A considerable amount can be achieved within three months, including the creation of a strategic communications plan with clear objectives and messaging, media relations, political consultancy, press releases, copy writing, speech writing, media monitoring, crisis management, promotional videos for YouTube and social media support – and much more!

I work proactively and creatively and team up with fellow professionals who provide additional skills when required to support a client’s PR needs.

A three month PR package can provide a much needed kick start for companies to raise their profile, and on a global level too. I believe PR plays a key role in underpinning the objectives of a company’s business plan and should be an integral part of that. PR should be regarded as an investment that helps develop and maintain important relationships, as well as raising a company’s profile in the media.

*26 October, 2012: Many thanks to Troels Jordansen, Chairman of International Health Technology, Cambridge, provider of the most innovative private cancer screening in the workplace and for individuals, for my latest testimonial. I pitched their story to a reputable health writer which achieved a whole page coverage in the Daily Mail for their tremendous prostate cancer diagnostic test, which has resulted in up to 80 leads – and the phone is still ringing!

Troels, who contacted me after seeing my profile on LinkedIn, contacted me to promote their new product launch in London, and said:

“We started working with Ellee in September 2012 and are very pleased with the results of our collaboration. Her first assignment lead to the placement of an article in the national press which has generated significant market interest. Ellee has boundless energy and is full of ideas in how to profile our company. We are looking forward to working with her in the longer term.”

*You can read more about what clients say about me by clicking here. I was also a shortlisted finalist this year for best freelance public relations practitioner in the East of England by my industry’s membership organisation, the CIPR, in their 2012 PRide Awards.