A play about how the Ipswich community responded to the murder of five prostitutes gets its world premiere at the National Theatre on Thursday. While many Suffolk folk whose lives have been interwoven into the storyline of London Road, may be audience, the families of the murdered women most certainly will not.

After the East Anglian Daily Times published a glowing review by reporter Lynne Mortimer, Kerry Nicol, whose daughter Tania was murdered by Steve Wright, wrote to the Editor voicing her anger, describing how attempts to stop its production, including the intervention of MP Ben Gummer, failed. Can you imagine how outraged fair minded citizens would have felt if something similar had happened following the jailing of the Yorkshire Ripper?

She has my sympathies, and I am aghast at how anyone could consider creating entertainment from this terrible tragedy just over four years after the deaths of these women.

This is what Kerry Nicol wrote:

To any reader (including Lynne) who can justify the right of the play London Road to go ahead WITHOUT the victims’ families consent, and who are happy to waste money watching it.

Lynne, how can you justify watching the preview of this claptrap, then writing a recommendation for it on your entertainments page? Encouraging people to go see it and saying you hope it also gets shown in Ipswich? Where is your mentality, Lynne?

Your or a family member have obviously never been through such a trauma as us victims. If you had, you would realise it’s best not to write anything and so therefore stir up memories YET AGAIN.

London Road is bedsit land.The people who lived there over fours years ago may have moved on. Do they really want this play?

I am family members, even our MP Ben Gummer, have spoken, written to Becky Blythe and other producers involved. No result on account of our feelings, they just want to go ahead with the play and make money out of others’ misery. There’s even been an online petition to stop it.

So stop and think. It could be you in the future. Someone could be making a film, drama, play etc about your family member without your consent.