I’ve just heard from Gary Spencer who is listed as a missing person on this Thai website. He posted a comment on one of my posts about missing people saying he urgently wanted to get in touch with his family on the Isle of Wight.

This is what Gary, who has been working as an English teacher in Thailand and has been missing for more than 10 years, wrote:

Hi, I am shown as missing on the following link


I am still stuck in Thailand and dearly wish/need to be in touch with my family – urgently.

I emailed Gary and he wrote back saying:

I haven’t been in touch with my family for about 10 years.  My father Richard would be about 64-ish now and if still alive would probably be on the Isle of Wight.  I also have a sister, but no idea where she may be.

At the moment I am stuck in Thailand with *very* low funds and a long long overstay on my visa.  For the past few months I’ve been trying to locate my father, and anyone else in my family, but absolutely no leads.  Finally i came across the missing report of myself! ~ What a shock!   …but it seems that the guy who was looking for me, Alan Rosseti, is perhaps no longer in business.

I wasn’t sure if Gary’s communication was genuine, or whether it was from a hoaxer claiming to have news for Gary’s family – for  a price. I asked him for further details about himself and this is what he wrote:

My father worked for British Aerospace on the Isle of Wight.  Several months ago I contacted a lady there – Julia.James@baesystems.com – several times, and was told that he had already retired and that there was a fellow who still worked there who knew my father personally and would pass my contact info on to him.  I never heard anything further.

I am at quite a low point in my life at the moment so assumed that my father/family simply didn’t want to be in touch with me – then I came across the missing persons report for me!  So, it seems, wonderfully, that I was wrong :)))

However now I can see no obvious reason why my family has not been in touch other than my father has died – even then it would seem to be very odd that someone has not been in touch with me.

Hmmm…. quite baffling.

My mother was a hospice nurse. She passed away many years ago.  My father since re-married.

I also have a sister but have no idea where she may be. My sister’s name is Mandy (changed perhaps to Mandie) Spencer.

I went to Cowes High School.  In Thailand I worked primarily as an English teacher (Japan prior to that).  I would imagine, logically, that the simplest and fastest way to get in touch with my father would be via contacts at British Aerospace, Isle of Wight – even though it proved fruitless for me.

Please keep me posted.  Once again, I am quite desperate here.  A million thanks.

This is the message posted by Alan Rossati, who appears to be a private investigator. Two emails I sent to him were returned undelivered, so it is no longer a live link and he is unable to help.

Alan Rossati writes: “I am attempting to trace a British national on behalf of his parents. His name is Gary Spencer and he was known to be an English Teacher during 1999/2000. He is around 5’8″ with a slim build. He has brown hair and brown eyes and spoke with a soft voice. I am systematically asking each of the English speaking organisations in Bangkok, his last known location, whether they may have heard of him or know where he went. I have attached a picture of his business card and a touch up of a picture taken when he was 22 in case it may jog any memories.”
If anyone with information can contact me, I will forward the information to Gary.

It was tragic to see a notice about Carole Day at the top of the Thai website for missing people.

In memory of those who are still missing.