The question I wanted to ask the environmental panel at image yesterday’s Conservative Women’s Association conference was my concern about food security.

I wanted to ask Zac Goldsmith and Lord Melchett whether simply growing organic crops will provide enough food for us all, not only in the UK, but in drought stricken countries like Africa too.

However, the green-blooded Tory ladies gave me no chance, they also had pressing environmental questions which were given precedence, my raised hand remained invisible.

Undeterred, I remained behind and spoke to Lord Melchett afterwards, he is policy director of the Soil Association. He is convinced that organic crops can produce high yields in the UK, sufficient to fill our bellies, as well as those who are starving in Africa. He is going to send me copies of reports which support this view. I look forward to receiving them.

As readers of this blog know, I am a very keen environmentalist, but I also want to be realistic. My concern is whether organic crops can feed the world’s expanding population, that demands on our crops will increase for many reasons, eg. farmers will opt for biofuels which is more profitable. As a result,farmers will need to use fertilisers and pesticides, as well as GMO products which are proven to be safe, to help meet this need.

Just as life is not just “black and white”, neither can it be totally “green” in order to feed the world. Or can it?