There’s no doubt that David Cameron’s announcement on image tightening up rape laws is long overdue. It went down a storm when he outlined them at yesterday’s Conservative Women’s Association annual conference.

As things stand, I can understand why some women think twice before reporting they have been raped. It’s a legal minefield for courts of law to debate over what constitutes consent, but the court trial can be worst than the physical violence inflicted on them. I’ve written about it before on this post.

I particularly welcome the fact that Conservatives want to educate young people about this, as well as providing improved financial security to rape centres, several of which have closed in recent years.

The greatest challenge will be the cultural change that David Cameron strives to achieve.

We need widespread cultural change, and addressing this moral failure represents a real challenge to British society: to families, schools, local communities and businesses. We have to be honest: the past decade or so has seen the growing sexualisation of our society, where sex is aimed at an ever younger audience and it’s cool to treat women like sex objects. As I’ve said before, we need those that work in the media and music industry to exercise their responsibility in how they present female role models.

It comes back to that word “respect”.

Rape victims should not have to suffer even further humiliation and degradation in their search for justice, like the tragic case which David Cameron outlined about a 16-year-old girl who committed suicide after her rape ordeal.

You can read his inspirational speech here.