My husband is a buyer for a department store and we have both been invited by a furniture company to stay at a stunning Spanish castle as their guests for the next couple of days.

It is cheaper for them to hire this luxury hotel and invite buyers to Spain to view their new range on display there than hire a stand at the NEC. This seems ludicrous to me, but who am I to complain.

A couple of years ago this very generous family business invited us to a breathtakingly beautiful French chateaux. It’s a one-off perk for my husband, and me too.

I know it’s environmentally damaging, but this is Stephen’s first flight this year and my second short haul trip after a week in Greece, so I don’t feel guilty. Or should I? I shall try not to as I sip Sangria and relax while my husband is busy working. I am looking forward to exploring the area, I just wish I had time to use my walking boots.

Maybe there will be a next time…