Within two days of writing about Gordon Brown’s refusal to waive the airport tax for a visit by young children from Chernobyl, Blogpower’s finest philanthropist, Tom Paine, has kindly paid this money himself. He has paid £960 out of his own pocket – an extraordinary gesture of compassion and goodwill. I’m sure his namesake would be very proud of him.

This is what Moscow-based Tom said:

This is a worthy cause, we don’t need Gordon. We can do something ourselves. Here’s my proposal. I will reimburse the new airport taxes to the charity for 12 flights this year, if

(a) other readers of your site will match that donation for 12 tickets for next year, and

(b) you will finally put the Blogpower banner and Blogroll on your site. B^) You are our most famous member and we need the links!

Post the address and bank account details for the charity and let’s get to it.

Tom paid the money today. I certainly promise to add the Blogpower banner, I’m hoping Geoff will see to it when he returns from Dubai due to my limited skill in this area. Blogpower is a supportive blogging community which I am proud to be a member of, I have made some great cyber friends through it.

Let’s hope that we can do the same next year, as Tom suggests. I do admire a man of action, not empty words, someone who means what he says. Tom, I am overwhelmed by your instant response and generosity, I know it will mean a great deal to the charity which can now use its money to give the sick children an extra special visit. Three cheers for Tom….