I have had a brilliant day in London, which included being filmed by the BBC for a report on political blogging to be broadcast on the Andrew Marr Sunday AM programme this weekend.

I was chosen to speak about women bloggers because their producer Libby Jukes had seen the recording of me on 18 Doughty Street talking about the impact blogging had on my family life, how my younger son wants me to spend less time glued to my computer. As a result, my weekend blogging will be considerably lighter from now on.

I met the film crew at an internet cafe in Millbank and my interviewer Spencer, quite dishy in a black open neck shirt, fired away the questions. I described how I become totally engrossed in my posts and they end up as mini research projects which can take up to an hour each to write. After bloggers leave comments on my site, I always try and reciprocate on their blog which is time consuming, so I can easily spend two hours or more each day on my blog. Is that shocking? How much time do you spend on your blog?

I told them how Geoff started me blogging (almost a year now), and the supportive Blogpower community I am part of. Here is a very thoughtful and astute testimonial which one of their erudite members recently wrote about my blog. Tom Paine spent more than eight hours reading my posts from day one.

After filming me, they went off to interview Nick Robinson, Iain and Harriet Harman. I naturally feel very flattered, and astonished, to be included in such an illustrious line-up.

I then met up with some blogging buddies for lunch and afterwards picked up a call asking me to step in and be filmed for another BBC interview in Cambridge – I obviously had to decline as I was in London. This followed a press release I issued yesterday for the brain injury charity Headway Cambridgeshire of which I am a trustee, outlining a whopping rent rise which they cannot possibly meet. Fortunately, their Chief Exec Kate Lewis was able to leave her meeting and give the interview for BBC Look East.

I also spent yesterday setting up BBC radio interviews in the Eastern Region for my MEP Robert Sturdy on the bird flu crisis. I must admit, I am more used to being the fixer and arranging interviews rather than being the subject of them, but I do seem to have had a run of it since starting blogging, and I do find the media interest in my site quite extraordinary.

I’m afraid I had a bad hair today so won’t look my best on the screen, as well as a burnt lip from eating some hot food at the weekend. I also accidentally deleted the best pic, but I have posted the next best.

I’ve just remembered I have a networking breakfast tomorrow, so another early start to the day. It means I shall switch off my computer now and enjoy a blog free evening, I am in need of some R & R and would like to catch up with some reading or watch a dvd.