I was very saddened to hear of the death of exiled Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko. My two recent postings about him resulted in much anger from a Russian blogger when I pointed the finger at President Putin and the way he runs his country.

I do not believe that Alexander’s killers will be found and charged with murder, the poison used was obviously meant to avoid detection and defy medical knowledge. His killers are far too clever for our coppers.

His last words were defiant, he knew his life was ebbing away, that he may not win his struggle against the lethal chemicals destroying his vital organs, but he said the campaign for truth would go on with or without him.

“The bastards got me, but they won’t get everybody.”

An espionage expert spoke about this case on Newsnight on Monday evening, she said there had been 10 similar murders in the UK in the last 10 years, none of them had been solved.

Meanwhile, Alexander’s friends clearly believe Putin may have sanctioned his assassination, his death will not make big headline news in Russia where he is most probably portrayed as a traitor. So who could have hated him so much if it wasn’t Putin?