blairs Tony Blair’s exit from 10 Downing Street will be immortalised by his wife’s images undignified final blast at the press: “I don’t think I will miss you lot”.

If Cherie feels aggrieved about her media coverage, she has herself to blame. She started off with a clean slate, just like Sarah Brown does now. I remember her refusal to tell anyone if her baby Leo had been given the MMR jab at a time when there were considerable concerns about its safety. I remember contacting her office around that time to ask if she would support a campaign promoting reusable nappies for environmental reasons, but she refused. She did nothing to engage or endear herself to other mothers or women in the country. She also shamelessly exploited her position as the prime minister’s wife to accept lucrative speaking engagements.

I wish Sarah Brown all the very best, she should have learned from Cherie’s mistakes. She knows she has a tough job ahead of her and I am delighted that she will be supporting children’s charities during her time in Downing Street.

Update: And do read Nick Robinson’s report about Cherie looking at him with daggers.