There is no shortage of material which Liberal Democrats, like Conservatives, can choose as campaign material. Only the Lib Dems are so short of ideas in York Outer, that they could only think of leafleting householders to let people know that Julian Sturdy lives three miles outside his constituency and, because of this, is not a local man.

I cannot believe they went to the time and expense to campaign on such a feeble “non-issue”. If this is their main concern, I would describe it as a major triumph for Julian.

He has actively been involved in local issues since being selected as the Conservative candidate for the new seat. Yesterday he took up the plight of rural post offices following a visit by Shadow Work and Pensions Minister Philip Hammond. Julian is keen to see David Cameron’s excellent idea implemented which would encourage more local council work to be channeled through post offices.

This has to be a winning solution all round and would retain post offices as a key focal point in rural areas. I don’t see any Lib Dem brainwaves on this subject, it’s obviously too tough a nut for them to crack.