There’s only a week to go for the release of The Royal Station Master’s Daughters in Love, and I’ve been thrilled with the book reviewers’ comments so far.

Shannaon, aka the ‘notsolittleirishboorkworm, states, ‘Is this book breaking my heart? Yes. Is it turning out to be one of the best books I’ve read in 2024? Yes.’

I thanked her, and she replied say, ‘It was such a beautiful book. Your wrote it so well and my heart was truly torn in two by the time it had ended.’

Booklover Bev posted a 5 star review on Goodreads saying, ‘This story is heart breaking to read as we find the struggles of the after war and how families had to start to adjust and it’s not a case of getting back to normal. There’s a lot of changes and not only for women, children too.

‘I love every thing about it, as we read about old characters and new , some you love some you hate, the author has one again delivered another inspirational book for her readers.
I loved it!’

A 4  star review was posted by Miriam Smith (A Mother’s Musings) says she would have liked to know more back story about the Saward sisters as this was the first book in the trilogy she had read. I was delighted to read she enjoyed The Royal Station Master’s Daughters in Love so much that she wants to read the first two books in the series, The Royal Station Master’s Daughters and The Royal Station Masters Daughter’s at War.

Her review said: ‘Based on the real life station master, Harry Saward, I enjoyed the author’s take of this emotional World War 1 saga of family, love and our Royal family. This book is a gripping and heartwarming historical saga and I can see exactly why these novels have attracted so many readers. This was my first read in the series and worked perfectly as a standalone novel but I would have liked to know more about the daughters back stories, so as expected, reading in them order is beneficial for continuity but not completely necessary. Superbly developed characters with realistic pre and post war issues, heartwarming storylines with emotional reminders of how the Sandringham Company of soldiers and their families were affected by the war the men fought in Gallipoli, makes this a first class read.

‘Needless to say I’ll be reading the first two books to catch up on the series and if historical saga stories are your go to genre, then you must read Ellee Seymour’s books.’