Some names of missing people remain etched in the memory. imageOne of those is April Fabb, a  13-year-old Norfolk schoolgirl who vanished 40 years ago today.

On April 8, 1969, April had been cycling to her sister’s home in Roughton, near Cromer to give her brother-in-law a birthday present. It was only two miles from her home in Metton, but she never made it along the country lane. In the space of six minutes, between 2.06pm, when she was seen by a tractor driver, and 2.12pm, when her blue and white bike was found lying on its side in a field, she vanished. Nothing has been heard of her since.

Detectives have kept the baffling case open in the hope of receiving fresh information which will provide the desperately needed answers for April’s grieving family.

Her  mother Olive, who is 89, wonders every day what happened to her shy and sensitive daughter who loved picking primroses in a nearby wood.

There are strong similarities between this case and the unsolved disappearance of 13-year-old Genette Tate, a newspaper delivery girl on August 19, 1978.

In memory of those who are still missing.