It is quite by fluke that I am the delighted owner of an iPad 2. In fact, I have owned two in the last few days.

I originally ordered one online as the Cambridge Apple store had sold out when I called in to buy one 48 hours after they were launched in the UK. I had refused to get sucked into the hype and queue hours for one when they were launched as I couldn’t believe they would sell out. But that is exactly what happened.

My original online delivery date had been pushed back from the end of April to the beginning of May, a wait of 5 weeks, and the delay could have continued, so I was happy to cancel it after making my surprise purchase. I have even heard of one major store quoting a 3-4 month waiting list to someone in my village. I wonder whether the earthquake and tsunami in Japan is the cause as production for Toyota and Honda has been reduced as a result. It certainly wouldn’t be surprising if Apple was affected too by supply chain problems if they rely on Japan for components, but they are unlikely to broadcast this and risk losing orders.

So how did I get mine? When I called in at the Apple store last Friday for a Final Cut Pro video lesson,  I mentioned the increased delay and a kind member of staff produced one for me that had been delivered that afternoon. A few hours later at home, I unwrapped it and synced the apps from my Macbook – only to later discover that I had the wrong iPad as I specifically wanted one with 3G which my model did not have.

The blood drained out of me and I was mortified and agonised all night about what to do. I decided I had no choice but to return it and order online again as 3G was essential for me, waiting however long it took. My husband asked what I thought the response from Apple would be. After all, this was a £500 product which was no longer brand new. I told him that they provided great customers service and would want me to have a good experience as a valued customer.

I was absolutely correct.

Not only did they not bat an eyelid when I returned nervously the next morning, but they immediately found a replacement iPad for me, exactly the one I wanted, and assisted me again in setting up it up. They didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all and constantly smiled and repeated that it wasn’t a problem. I am sure my first iPad is likely to end up with a good home too and will be sold on their refurbished site at a reduced price.  What other store would offer that kind of personal, uncomplaining service in the UK?

My verdict of the  iPad? It is AMAZING! I particularly like the magnetic cover which switches the iPad on and off without having to press any buttons. The quality of the screen is stunning and I have just taken out an iPad subscription for The Times. The guy taking my subscription was quite envious, telling me over and over again how lucky I was. Yes, I know!

It’s so light too and I can carry it everywhere with me. I’ve also heard a whisper that a software update could include using Word, which would be very useful indeed.

With so much instant information available at my fingertips, I shall be in seventh heaven…