If reports that Jon Venables – one of the killers of Jamie Bulger – is correct and he is image to be charged with offences of a sexual nature, then we face an unprecedented legal quagmire.

The law seems to be bending over backwards to nurture and protect Venables following his release from prison; clearly rehabilitation hasn’t worked.

Besides Mary Bell and Maxine Carr, I believe Venables and his co-killer Robert Thomspon are the only criminals to be given new identities on their release from prison, and Venables is the only one who faces alleged serious offences.

If charged,  there is a possibility that Venables will be tried under a false name in order to give him a fair trial. I  believe the British public can be trusted to give Venables a fair hearing, that they can judge the case on the facts alone. The legal system should not tie itself up in knots trying to pull the wool over our eyes; it is in the public interest to tell us the truth because these circumstances are exceptional and we need to have trust in the actions of our Ministry of Justice and the decisions they make about Venables.

And yes, I also believe Jamie’s mother deserves to be fully informed of the events surrounding Venables’ latest alleged crime, said to be child pornography, she shouldn’t have to swing through hoops to be told the facts.