I was fascinated to read the results of the ConservativeHome survey of Tory candidates regarding their policy priorities. Disappointingly, they placed reducing Britain’s footprint at the bottom of the list, an issue close to David Cameron’s heart, and I hope it remains so, though he seems to have failed to have got the message across about this.

It’s no surprise that during our economic gloom, cutting the budget deficit comes top of the list, though I’m also surprised that reducing immigration doesn’t come higher up, as well as the need for more affordable housing.

Let’s hope Conservatives can succeed with the NHS, ranked fourth. A friend of mine had a call from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge this afternoon saying that her daughter’s operation booked for tomorrow was being cancelled because they didn’t realise it was their audit day. Unbelievable.

Tim Montgomerie outlines the survey on Radio 4’s Westminster hour. What do you think of these priorities?