First our Norfolk folk were insultingly dubbed the “Turnip Taliban”. And now Conservatives in the neighbouring county of Suffolk who are selecting a parliamentary candidate this Friday have been mockingly lablled the “Suffolk image Swede”.

Hey, why does the media keep insulting our residents this way? I am not alone in asking this question. The East Anglian Daily Times’ headline today points out, “Vegetables are not rooted in Suffolk.” The paper’s political editor Graham Dines reckons:

The implication is that East Anglia Tory members are a bunch of straw sucking, two headed yokels who don’t venture to the bright lights of London and therefore have no idea whatsoever what life is like in 21st century multi-cultural cosmopolitan Britain.

They’re standing in the way of the great David Cameron modernising effort to make the Conservatives liked and electable next year.

It’s natural that local political associations want to exercise their democratic right to select the candidate they feel will best represent them. They should not be insulted for requesting that local candidates are included on short lists along with the other willing wealth of talent that Conservatives have attracted.

If an analogy must be made between Suffolk folk and a local produce, I would suggest they use the apple which Suffolk is famed for with its delicious Aspall cider and scrumptious Copella juice. If it’s good enough for New York – city folk there don’t object to it being known as The Big Apple – then the good natured citizens of Suffolk will surely be able to take that on the chin too.

After one, one bite and you’re hooked; that’s the irresistible appeal of Suffolk.