The far right British National Party has been named and shamed for using subversive tactics when booking a meeting room in Norfolk under the pseudonym Broadland Historical Society.

An email was sent to sent to members planning to attend the meeting at the White Horse in Trowse, near Norwich stating: “We are in the downstairs meeting room. Use the entrance in the car park… The meeting has been booked under the name Broadland Historical Society. Please be discreet when in the bar area.”

The meeting was due to be attended by the party’s eastern area regional organiser Eddy Butler to discuss upcoming image European and county council elections. Perhaps organisers were remembering what happened last year when police were called to a BNP meeting at Stoke Holy Cross, near Norwich, attended by controversial leader Nick Griffin. Villagers had already objected to his presence and vandals struck, smashing windscreens and damaging cars with paint, while the meeting took place.

An indignant Andrew Coleman, landlord at the White Horse cancelled the latest booking the moment he was warned of the group’s true intentions.

“A lot of groups use our facilities and, when they made the booking, this seemed like a perfectly legitimate organisation. We can’t get involved in these kinds of politics, particularly as they weren’t open and honest about it from the start. It’s not the type of people you want your pub to be associated with."

Yet the home page on the BNP‘s website incongruously boasts that it "believes in telling the truth, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable to hear or offensive to those who would rather bury their heads in the sand than face real problems in our society."

In a democracy, every political party is entitled to its own views, but these subversive tactics demonstrate that the BNP is cowardly at the most basic level when it comes to promoting its vile, extremist right wing views.

I certainly think it needs to do a re-write on its homepage if it is too afraid to tell the "truth" when booking a meeting room. Would you rent them a room?