All is quiet over at LabourHome. At 11.20 am, nobodyimage had said a word yet about their sensational defeat yesterday, their last post still urges voters to back Ken.

It’s tired and weary, lacklustre and defeatist. I wonder what they will say about Labour’s worst local council results in 40 years.

Most devastatingly for them, the party has fallen into third place nationally with 24% of votes, while the Conservatives have 44% and Lib Dems 25%. So far Labour has lost more than 160 seats with the Tories gaining 147.

I think there will be lots of red faces today. And lots more tonight too after Boris is crowned Mayor of London.

imageThis is what David Cameron said this morning as he plans the way forward after the huge vote of confidence in him, his words are spot on:

“I think this is a very big moment for the Conservative Party, I don’t want any one to think we would deserve to win an election just on the back of a failing government. I want us to really prove to people that we can make the changes that they want to see in terms of schools and hospitals and crime and the other issues that really matter to all of us – and that’s what I’m going to devote myself and my party to doing over the next few months.”

I’m afraid Labour needs more than a Cabinet reshuffle now, the only place they should reshuffle is at the top. And if Brown doesn’t get the message after last night’s hammering, then Tories will show him the door in due course …..

It’s certainly Brown’s Black Friday.