Two Cambridge sixth formers have started writing a blog, and image the quality of their work is exceptional. I think they could prove to be a great tool and make them stand out from the rest when it counts.

Emily’s site was a Christmas present from her social media savvy dad Geoff, who created my site too. Her intelligence shines out, I hope her psychology tutor is impressed with her posts.

Her boyfriend Mark (in the pic with Emily) is already a genius at 18 having created his outstanding site, and I have a hunch that Quasar 9 will be most impressed too.

I would like to see more students write a blog, to become involved and take a lead on issues which affect their lives, like the outrageous idea to ban schools from promoting A-levels to teenagers under the government’s radical plans to reform careers advice.

At least parents will learn what their kids think and are up to. Trying to access verbal information from them can be very challenging, at times.