I watched Quentin Davies on Newsnight last night and what struck me most was browndavies4R_468x246 how he had not even thought through his political future as a Labour MP.

Asked if he was likely to stand as a Labour candidate in his constituency of Grantham and Stamford in the next general election, he said he had no idea. He has clearly not decided what happens next. Perhaps his admiration of Gordon Brown will have waned by then and he will decide to switch to Liberal Democrats.

Clearly he can’t stand in his same present constituency for Labour unless he is hugely popular. That does not appear the case. The most obvious test would be for him to stand in Sedgefield after Tony Blair resigns later today, which Alan Duncan suggested on Newsnight; I was itching for him to say it as the same question was on my lips.

Even if Davies was cheesed off with David Cameron, he should have shown loyalty to his constituents and local conservative association, whose chairman has expressed deep disappointment, saying:

I am astonished to hear about Quentin Davies’s new-found admiration for Gordon Brown, which has not been at all evident before this afternoon. If he is as straightforward and devoted to his constituents as he protests, no doubt he will resign and fight a by-election, so that that the people can decide. Until then, Quentin will have the same lack of democratic mandate that his new leader does.

Jon2, a local constituent posting a comment on the Peterborough Evening Telegraph website, feels the same:

“The people of Stamford (and Grantham) voted for a Tory MP – not a Labour one. How can Davies swap without any sort of consultation. There should be a by-election so voters can demonstrate their opposition to this move. It is not right.”

I agree with their views, why should Davies be allowed to take the easy way out with scant regard for his local conservative association which has supported him? Who is going to support Davies when he looks for a new seat at the next election, which could be fairly soon if Gordon Brown decides he wants to establish his personal mandate and authority as Prime Minister?

It seems to me that Quentin Davies is a dead duck.

P.S. Do you think that Quentin Davies looks like Jack Nicholson, the main difference being that the Hollywood actor smiles while Davies scowls?