I see that David Miliband becomes the first minister to enter Second Life as an avatar to promote a carbon calculator. I am thinking of joining him there.
According to the erudite Tom Paine, there is an airship in Second Life named after me. Although I regret that it is unlikely I will be able to join my Blogpower colleagues for their virtual awards ceremony on 1 July, it gave me the idea of holding a birthday party in Second Life which you are all invited to. You can share a glass of bubbly with me and maybe take a trip in my airship. Who knows what other surprises might be in store.

I’m hoping Neville Hobson will show me the ropes as he is an avid addict of Second Life. Once I get the idea of it, I will help anyone interested.

You are welcome to join me on 3 July – the more the merrier!