I enjoy a glass of red wine, but I couldn’t if I knew it had cost £5,000, I would be thinking what else I could have spent the money on.

That’s the price charged at The Dochester Grill for a 1964 Petrus Pomerol Bordeaux, while Gordon Ramsey charges less than half for the same wine.

A Dorchester spokesman expressed surprise when told of the price difference:  â€œHe must have bought it a long time ago: you would not now be able to buy one on the open market for that price.â€?

So it’s hardly surprising that there have been calls for a wine-cap, £10 has been suggested by Superplonk’s Malcolm Gluck, though at the end of the day, consumers are free to make their own choice. Maybe it suits them to be flash because they want to impress. But if they were really astute, they would surely know the correct price to pay. If they had a blindfold test, could they really tell the difference between a cheaper bottle?

What’s the most you’ve ever paid for wine or a drink in a restaurant/bar? Do you think it is fair restaurants can seemingly charge what they like for drinks? Btw, The Dorchester does offer 30 bottle of wine priced under £30.

This is how some big spenders have splashed out:

  •  Six City dealers at Barclays Capital spent £44,000 on a dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Petrus restaurant in London in October 2001. They ordered a 1982 Montrachet costing £1,400, and three bottles of Petrus Pomerol: the 1945 at £11,600, the 1946 at £9,400, and the 1947 at £12,300. A dessert wine costing £9,200 completed the refreshments. Mr Ramsay let them have their £400 meal for nothing
  • In February the world’s top chefs and wines were flown to Bangkok for a meal described as the most expensive ever. The 30 people, who each paid £15,272 plus tax and service, were served a £5,000-a-bottle claret, a 1995 Krug and a 1961 Chateau Palmer described as “one of the greatest red wines everâ€?
  • At the Movida basement club off Oxford Street in Central London a “premium customerâ€? spent £89,000 on drinks in one night, including two rare methuselahs of Cristal champagne costing £24,000 each. The unnamed customer gave one to the former England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio, who was in the club
  • One night last year at the same venue London’s super-rich Russians and Germans engaged in a battle for drinks supremacy with their English counterparts. Eamonn Mulholland, the bar owner, described it as being “like the World Cupâ€? as the competing nations bought jeroboams of Cristal champagne, costing £4,500 a bottle. Each bottle was brought out accompanied with a ceremonial musical fanfare: Kalinka for the Russians, Rule Britannia for the British and the Star Wars theme for the Germans. Unusually, the Germans lost
  • Last year the Chelsea captain John Terry, left, ran up a £30,000 bar bill at the Elysium nightclub in the West End after hosting a party for teammates.