A letter to Sally Clark, whose death at her home has just been announced.

Dear Sally,

I can’t imagine there is one mother in the country who didn’t share your sense of anguish, your feeling of abandonment and utter bewilderment, as well as the deep grief you experienced following the loss of your two dear little baby boys who died inexplicable only a few weeks old.

That alone is the cruellest blow that can dealt to any parent. I could not survive such a tragedy. You then had to suffer the nudges and pointed fingers and, even worse, a criminal court case where you were convicted of their murder following misleading evidence given by paediatrician Sir Roy Meadow. Despite all your your legal experience and your faith and respect for British justice, you were convicted and torn apart from your home, your husband and your remaining son. Can any nightmare be worse? Mercifully, you were later freed on appeal, though your pain and inner turmoil must have been insurmountable, the life sentence would last for ever.

This is one the saddest and most sorrowful cases I have heard. I always admired the strength and loyalty of your husband and family who stalwartly believed in your innocence, their suffering now must be more than words can describe.

I have no answers as to why life is so cruel to some, if only we could turn the clock back….