There’s a defining moment in everyone’s life and for Jeremy Jacobs it came following his sister’s tragic death from breast cancer. Jackie was only 40 and had three lovely children.

He has become an active fund raiser for the breast cancer campaign, and also visits schools to help raise its profile.

His latest big venture is a challenging 125 mile trek over 8 days in the Masaai Mara next month. It’s a cause well worth supporting and I am donating £20 as well as sending him some of my sons’ football shirts to distribute to school kids over there.

If you have any footie kit you no longer need which Jeremy can take with him, and can spare the odd tenner or so to support this very deserving charity, then please contact Jeremy via his blog or on 08453 313171. I would love to do something like this too, but don’t think I could walk such a long distance in the heat.